Spyderco Deep Carry Clip

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Get ready to discover the perfect accessory for your everyday carry with our roundup of the best Spyderco Deep Carry Clips. In this article, we’ll showcase a carefully curated selection of these must-have clips, ensuring they deliver functionality, style, and durability. So, whether you’re a fan of the Spyderco brand or simply looking for a reliable deep carry clip, we’ve got you covered.

The Top 5 Best Spyderco Deep Carry Clip

  1. Black Oxide Finish Deep Carry Clip Replacement — The Benchmade Mini Deep Carry Clip in Black offers a sleek and durable replacement for Benchmade Knives, with a black oxide finish that perfectly complements the knife design.
  2. Efficiently Mounted Knife Carrier — Spyderco G-Clip with Screws and Washers — Spyderco G-Clip Belt Clip — Versatile and Secure Belt-Mounted Knife Holder with Multiple Carry Positions and Easy Setup.
  3. Deep Carry Pocket Clip for Victorinox Swiss Army Knives — The stainless steel SwissQlip pocket clip is a must-have accessory for your 91mm Victorinox Swiss Army Knife, ensuring a deep carry and easy access to your multi-tool.
  4. KeyBar Deep Carry Pocket Clip for M4-Multi-Tool Accessories — Upgrade your M4-Multi-Tool Accessories with KeyBar’s Deep Carry 2.0 Pocket Clip, offering excellent quality and features at an affordable price.
  5. Pocket Clip for Victorinox Swiss Army Knife — Experience seamless pocket organization with the Clip & Carry 045 SwissQlip Matte Black, a patent-pending deep carry pocket clip for Victorinox Swiss Army Knives, allowing you to keep your multi-tool handy without drawing attention or impeding use.

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Black Oxide Finish Deep Carry Clip Replacement


Last week, I decided to update the clip on my Benchmade Mini Deep Carry Knife, so I ordered this replacement OEM clip from a reputable seller. Upon receiving the package, I was delighted to find it was exactly what I expected — complete with a sleek, black oxide finish to match my knife’s overall aesthetic.

Fitting this clip to my knife was an absolute breeze, as the dimensions were spot-on, and it didn’t require any extra tools or fiddling. As a result, I’ve been really pleased with the way it’s held my knife securely in my pocket whenever I’m on the go.

That being said, I did notice that the package didn’t include the screws required to attach the clip to the knife, which proved to be a bit of a pest. Nonetheless, since I had some spare screws from a previous purchase, it wasn’t a major issue. I understand that users might need to factor this in when deciding to buy this product, but I’d gladly overlook it for the overall quality of the clip.

To conclude, the Benchmade Mini Deep Carry Clip is an excellent replacement for the original clip that comes with the knife. In my experience, the black oxide finish enhances the knife’s look, and the hassle-free fitting makes it an unbeatable option. If you’re looking to upgrade your knife’s clip, this one is definitely worth considering.

Efficiently Mounted Knife Carrier — Spyderco G-Clip with Screws and Washers


I’ve been using the Spyderco G-Clip belt clip for a while now, and let me tell you, it’s been a game-changer. This little gadget is perfect for knife enthusiasts who love to keep their tools close to them at all times. The best part? Its versatility.

Mounting it on a sheath is a piece of cake — just use those stainless steel Chicago screw sets and rubber washers. And don’t worry, the T-10 Torx wrench is not included, so make sure to have that on hand. Once it’s attached, it’s as solid as a rock.

The G-Clip is a real multitasker, with different mounting holes for vertical, horizontal, forward, and backward cants. Depending on your preference, you can set it to any of these carries. But if you’re ever in doubt, the leveraging thumb push-off point ensures a safe and easy hand position.

One thing that took me a bit of time was learning how to attach those screw sets and rubber washers. But once I got the hang of it, it was a breeze. And let me tell you, it feels like a million bucks when it finally clicks into place.

This belt clip is a popular choice for many custom sheath makers, and it’s not hard to see why. It carries the knife securely and unobtrusively, making it perfect for every day use or just for when you need it.

The only thing I’d like to mention is that the G-Clip is a bit small, so make sure you have the right size for your knife. And if you’re planning to carry it on your belt, you’ll need a T-10 Torx wrench to remove it. But that’s a fair trade for such a reliable accessory.

All in all, I couldn’t be happier with the Spyderco G-Clip. It’s the perfect tool for anyone looking to keep their knife handy at all times.

Deep Carry Pocket Clip for Victorinox Swiss Army Knives


The SwissQlip is a sleek and sturdy pocket clip made of stainless steel, designed to fit comfortably on most 91mm Victorinox Swiss Army Knife models. Its deep carry feature allows your knife to sit safely and securely, tucked away in your pocket without sticking out and drawing attention.

It’s a breeze to install — simple secure it to the eyelet of your Swiss Army Knife with the provided mini Philips screw, and you’re all set in just a minute. However, be cautious when fitting, as care must be taken to avoid damaging your knife.

One potential drawback — the clip may not fit all Victorinox models. Additionally, since it is not a Victorinox product, it lacks the sleek finish and seamless integration that comes with their own accessories. Overall, the SwissQlip is a useful and convenient addition for anyone looking to keep their Swiss Army Knife close at hand while minimizing bulk.

KeyBar Deep Carry Pocket Clip for M4-Multi-Tool Accessories


As someone who relies on their Spyderco Multi-Tool, I found the KeyBar Deep Carry 2.0 Pocket Clip to be a game-changer. This pocket clip is designed with the user in mind; its 2-inch overall length provides a perfect balance of size and utility. One of the most noticeable and appreciated features of this clip is its depth. It’s much deeper than the original, making it more secure and ensuring that your multi-tool doesn’t accidentally fall out when you least expect it.

While using this clip, I’ve come to appreciate the solidity of its construction, which seems to be built to last. The added security it provides compared to the original clip is truly a joy to experience. The KeyBar Deep Carry 2.0 Pocket Clip has made my everyday life with my Spyderco Multi-Tool smoother and more convenient.

However, nothing is perfect, and even with this clip, I noticed one drawback. The deeper clip makes it a bit more difficult to attach and detach your multi-tool, but it’s a small price to pay for the added security it provides. All in all, the KeyBar Deep Carry 2.0 Pocket Clip proves to be a worthwhile investment for anyone who wants a more secure attachment for their Spyderco Multi-Tool.

Pocket Clip for Victorinox Swiss Army Knife


I recently got my hands on the Clip & Carry 045 SwissQlip Matte Black and it has become my go-to accessory for my Victorinox Swiss Army Knife. The stainless steel pocket clip easily attaches to 91mm Victorinox Swiss Army Knife models, providing a deep carry that lets me keep my multi-tool handy without drawing any unwanted attention.

One of the best features of this product is the fact that it doesn’t stick up more than necessary, which makes it comfortable to use and efficient, especially when getting to the tools on my Swiss Army Knife. The installation process is straightforward and can be done in under a minute by securing it to the eyelet of my Swiss Army Knife with the included mini Philips screw.

However, there are a couple of things that could be improved. I would like to see a tapering off at the base of the clip, which would allow it to slide easier into my pocket without catching on the jeans or pouch lip. Additionally, I think a small application of locktite thread locker could be added to the tiny screw to keep it from loosening up and falling out over time.

Overall, the Clip & Carry 045 SwissQlip Matte Black is a great addition to any Swiss Army Knife enthusiast’s collection. Its practical design and convenient use make it a must-have for everyday carry.

Buyer’s Guide

When it comes to choosing the right knife for everyday use or even for more demanding situations, the Spyderco Deep Carry Clip stands out as an excellent option. This clip-style attachment adds a convenient and secure way to carry your knife, ensuring it’s easily accessible when you need it most. As you explore the various options available in the market, it’s essential to consider factors such as the knife’s construction, durability, and design. In this buyer’s guide, we’ll outline key features and provide general advice to help you make an informed decision.


Important Features

When selecting a Spyderco Deep Carry Clip-compatible knife, consider the following features to ensure you’re getting the best possible option for your needs:

  1. Locking Mechanism: Look for a locking mechanism that securely holds the blade in place, providing safety and stability. Common mechanisms include liner locks, frame locks, and compressed locks. 2. Blade Material: Choose a high-quality blade material that can withstand everyday wear and tear. Popular choices include stainless steel, carbon steel, and titanium. 3. Blade Shape: Depending on your intended use, opt for a blade shape that suits your needs. Common shapes include drop-point, clip-point, and spear-point. 4. Handle Material: A comfortable, ergonomic handle is crucial for a good grip and ease of use. Handle materials include G-10, stainless steel, and FRN (Fiberglass Reinforced Nylon). 5. Pocket Clip: A strong and secure pocket clip is a must-have for the Deep Carry Clip. Make sure it’s well-constructed and will not interfere with your pocket’s seams.


When selecting the best Spyderco Deep Carry Clip for your needs, consider the following points:

  1. Intended Use: Determine how you’ll be using the knife to find a suitable blade shape and size. 2. Durability: Choose a knife with a strong locking mechanism and quality materials to ensure long-term durability. 3. Ergonomics: A comfortable handle is essential for a secure and comfortable grip. 4. Portability: The Spyderco Deep Carry Clip offers a convenient and discreet way to carry a knife, so make sure the chosen knife’s design complements this functionality.

General Advice

To get the most out of your Spyderco Deep Carry Clip experience, follow these general tips:

  1. Proper Maintenance: Regularly clean and maintain your knife to ensure optimal performance and durability. 2. Sharpening: Keep your blade sharp for optimal cutting performance; consider using a sharpening stone or a fine-grit file. 3. Storage: Store your knife safely when not in use, avoiding exposure to moisture and extreme temperatures. 4. Compatibility: Always check the knife’s compatibility with the Spyderco Deep Carry Clip before making a purchase, ensuring a secure attachment.

By considering the key features, making informed decisions, and following general advice, you’ll be well on your way to selecting the best Spyderco Deep Carry Clip knife for your needs. With this clip-style attachment, you’ll enjoy a convenient and secure way to carry a high-quality knife, providing you with the confidence and precision needed for a wide range of tasks.



What is the Spyderco Deep Carry Clip and how does it work?

The Spyderco Deep Carry Clip is a versatile and innovative clip system designed for Spyderco pocket knives. It allows for a deeper carry of the knife, providing better concealment and comfort for the user. The clip attaches to the pocket knife, replacing the standard clip and offering an additional level of security with the enhanced grip.

The clip design ensures the knife stays securely in place, even during strenuous activities. Additionally, it provides easy one-handed opening of the knife, making it a popular choice among enthusiasts who prioritize comfort and functionality over fashion. Overall, the Spyderco Deep Carry Clip offers a practical solution for individuals who want a more discreet and practical way to carry their pocket knife.

Can I use a standard clip with a knife that has a Spyderco Deep Carry Clip installed?

No, you cannot use a standard clip with a knife that has a Spyderco Deep Carry Clip installed. The Spyderco Deep Carry Clip is designed specifically for use with Spyderco pocket knives and is not compatible with regular clips. This is due to the unique shape and construction of the Spyderco pocket knife, which necessitates a custom-fit clip like the one offered by Spyderco.

If you want to switch between standard and deep carry clips, you will need to remove the current clip installed on the knife and replace it with the desired option. This process is typically straightforward but requires attention to detail to ensure proper installation and functionality of the new clip.


Is the Spyderco Deep Carry Clip available for all Spyderco pocket knives?

The Spyderco Deep Carry Clip is available for a wide range of Spyderco pocket knives, but there are a few exceptions. Some older knife models may not have the compatibility needed for the clip’s installation. To determine whether a specific Spyderco pocket knife is compatible with the Deep Carry Clip, consult the manufacturer’s website or contact the Spyderco customer service team for clarification.

If your desired knife model is not compatible with the Deep Carry Clip, you can explore alternative carry options for your pocket knife, such as the standard clip or a high-quality belt sheath to secure it during daily wear and outdoor activities. Remember that compatibility is crucial to maintain the proper function and safety of the pocket knife while using the clip.

How do I remove the Spyderco Deep Carry Clip installed on my pocket knife?

Removing a Spyderco Deep Carry Clip from a Spyderco pocket knife is a simple process. However, it’s essential to do it carefully to avoid damaging the knife or the clip. Here are the steps to follow for removal:

  1. Open the knife blade completely, 2. Locate the clip retention screw or clasp found on the spine of the handle, 3. Loosen and remove the screw or activate the clasp by pressing it away from the blade, 4. Carefully remove the clip from the knife.

If you’re having difficulty or feel any hesitation during the procedure, it’s always a good idea to consult the online user manual or contact Spyderco customer service for guidance. Remember, taking proper care of your pocket knife and accessories will ensure their optimal performance and durability over time.


Is there any disadvantage to using the Spyderco Deep Carry Clip?

While the Spyderco Deep Carry Clip offers numerous advantages, such as enhanced concealment and comfort, there are a few potential drawbacks to consider. One disadvantage is that it may not be compatible with all Spyderco pocket knives, as some models might have different attachment systems or grip shapes. This could limit the users who can benefit from deep carry clips.

Another disadvantage is the potential for a slight increase in the overall thickness of the pocket knife when the Deep Carry Clip is installed. Depending on the specific pocket knife model and user preferences, this added thickness might be noticeable, and some users may find it less aesthetically pleasing. However, it’s essential to consider the trade-offs in terms of enhanced concealment and comfort provided by the Spyderco Deep Carry Clip before making your purchasing decision.

Can I install the Spyderco Deep Carry Clip myself, or do I need professional help?

Installing the Spyderco Deep Carry Clip on a Spyderco pocket knife is a relatively straightforward process. With proper care and attention to detail, most owners can perform the installation themselves without professional help. The process usually involves disassembling some parts of the knife, attaching the clip to the handle, and reassembling the knife.

However, if you’re unsure about the installation process, it’s always best to consult the online user manual provided by Spyderco or reach out to their customer service team for support. They can provide valuable guidance and instruction for a successful and safe installation. Remember, investing in a high-quality pocket knife implies taking proper care of it, including the installation of clips and other accessory systems to ensure its optimal use and longevity.